Players Group is a great agency founded by professionals who support the Athlete providing commitment and efficiency in every area, with the goal of assisting him during his entire career.
Building a career

Building a successful career for each professional Athlete comes from the full knowledge of every aspect of the business.

Players Group considers its top priority to be the assistance of each Athlete's needs while helping him to make the best decisions for his professional career and his life.


Players Group is made up of a staff of experienced professionals who possess a mix of knowledge, experience and competence; they together create an experienced team in assessing and managing areas such as:

  • developing and improving physical and technical skills of the Athlete
  • managing social dynamic within a team
  • analyzing every aspect of professional and contractual relationship between the Player, his team and his commercial partners.
  • Players Groupis a great organization with the goal of establishing and maintaining a close and friendly relationship with all its Clients and is proud of representing unique and special people.

    Players Group is committed to providing the appropriate attention to all problems that may arise along the course of the Athlete's professional sport career.

    What we do

    Contracts negotiation

    Players Groupprovides its clients with multiple years experience in: negotiating contracts while dealing with executives of top clubs all over the world; the knowledge of all rules both on domestic and International Leagues and Federations concerning the eligibility of players and of the labour rules that regulate professional standard contract for every country and category.


    Players Group helps its Clients to make an analysis of every Club’s organization, management and coaching staff, with the objective of selecting the right environment and the most suitable sports program for his needs.

    Activity & Marketing
    Players Group is able to search and evaluate sponsorship and endorsement opportunities with commercial brands, cultural clubs and associations, foundations and humanitarian organizations.

    Searching the right event to provide the Athlete with best promotional appearance in order to promote and improve his personal image.

    Training & Improvement

    Players Group helps its Client to evaluate and to analyze his performance in order to pursue every improvement path.

    Players Group staff will provide off-season program designed by experienced professionals for the Player conditioning and his skills development.

    Players Group will provide:
  • consulting and direct legal assistance for every areas of personal or professional life of its Client
  • consulting of financial and wealth management in cooperation with experienced and reliable partners
  • consulting of insurance services and care plan in helping its Client to select the best professionals of the industry.
  • Promotion & Image

    Players Group promotes all its Clients’ image to all media of the industry and even to all other news media by releasing periodic newsletter with all useful information concerning the professional and social activity of its Client.

    Goal is to enrich the image of the professional sportsman promoting his image through every network traditional and modern, providing detailed technical information, stats updated up to the minute, creating a direct link with player’s supporters, industry’s professionals and fans.