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Alessandro Ramagli

Date of Birth: 01-04-1964

Nationality: ITA

Position: Coach


Alessandro grown up as a coach from the one of the main italian basketball schools, Livorno. Well known for his discipline combined with a gentlemen s approach. The players have big respect of Alessandro: he works very hard on the court but always considers the players as a person. His knowledge of american (and not only) basketball players helps to all General Managers because they always call him for his opinion. This is his basketball philosophy: "The relationships inside the team are the key to build a solid team is attitude. The coach is the leader that must choose with the Club, share with the players and staff and control the application of the team rules. My idea of basketball starts by an aggressive and solid Man to Man defense, where the individual athletic skills are the most important tools at the team disposal. The second key point is represented by the capability to control our defensive glass and to fight under the opponent s board. Fastbreak and Transition game are the direct result of our defensive attitude. Talking about half court game, my opinion is that coach must adjust his own philosophy looking at the personnel but the turning point in the offensive balance is represented by passing ability! Passing (inside-out game, swing game, drive and kick game) and off the ball game (ball and weak side action, relocations, cuts) connected with the right spacing on the court must always prevail on dribbles, cause abusing dribble is the worst enemy on a basketball court!"

2015/2016 A2 Game Film (white team is coached by Alessandro):


1986/1990: Libertas Livorno - Junior Teams Supervisor - Italian Champion in 1986
1990/1998: Don Bosco Livorno - Junior Teams Supervisor - Italian Champion in 1995, 1996 and 1997
1998/1999: Don Bosco Livorno - A2 - Assistant Coach of Stefano Michelini and Junior Teams Supervisor
1999/2000: B. Livorno - A2 - Head Coach - Play Off Semifinals
2000/2001: Biella - A2 - Assistant Coach of M. Crespi - go up A1
2001/2002: Biella - A1 - Head Coach
2002/2003: Biella - A1 - Head Coach - Play Off
2003/2004: Biella - A1 - Head Coach - 11 place
2004/2005: Biella - A1 - Head Coach - 16 place
2005/2006: Biella - A1 - Head Coach - Play Off
2006/2007: Pesaro - A2 - Head Coach - go up A1
2007/2008: Benetton Treviso - A1 - Head Coach
2008/2009: Reggio Emilia - A2 - Head Coach (from January)
2009/2010: Reggio Emilia - Legadue - Head Coach - Play Off
2010/2012: Teramo - A1 - Head Coach
2012/2015: Verona - A2 - Head Coach (Italian Cup Champion in 2015)
2015/2016: Siena - A2 - Head Coach
2016/2017: Virtus Bologna - A2 - Head Coach (Championship Winner and go up A1)
2017/2018: Virtus Bologna - A1 - Head Coach
2018/2019: Pistoia Basket - A1 - Head Coach
2019/2020 : A.P.U. Udine - A2 - Head Coach
2020/2021 : Verona - A2 - Head Coach
2021/2022: Verona - A2 - Head Coach (Championship Winner and go up A1)


2007/2008 Euroleague with Treviso

National Team

1998 U22 European Championship Assistant Coach
2008 U18 European Championship Head Coach
2012 Italian National Team Staff component


Virtus Bologna - Bologna - Italia01/07/201630/06/2018
Virtus Bologna (ITA)'16 - 18
Pistoia Basket 2000 - Pistoia - Italia01/07/201830/06/2019
Pistoia Basket 2000 (ITA)'18 - 19
Amici Pall. Udinese - Udine - Italia01/07/201930/06/2020
Amici Pall. Udinese (ITA)'19 - 20
Scaligera Verona - Verona - Italia01/07/202030/06/2024
Scaligera Verona (ITA)'20 - 24